Wow Your Prospects

A new prospect usually requires 7 touches or needs to see your advertising message 7 times prior to purchasing.

Branded Merch is a non-obtrusive way of getting 3-4 touches without being pushy to an extremely targeted group or individuals as shown below:

  • Create a client acquisition program to target home run clients. Think of your top 10 clients and what would be the impact if you got 10 more just like them. Let us help you make a 4 step plan with initial introduction to get past the gate keeper along with a structured follow up.
  • Create awareness at events with balloons, frisbees, staff branded clothing, display tents, etc.
  • We only get one chance to make a first impression, therefore leave something as a thank you when you first meet with a prospect or gate-keeper as it also makes your info harder to lose and instantly turns a cold call in to a warm call.
  • Create a 3 level plan for trade shows:
    • Hand out inexpensive product to make them stop at your booth.
    • Have a 2nd level product for those that you had promising conversations with.
    • Send thank you card and small gift to those you defined as being potential clients.
  • Create a mail out with a small logoed product as “lumpy mail” gets read 95% of the time. 
USB Drive Tradeshow Giveaway
Tradeshow Swag Prospecting

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