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Out of the Box Promotions

Rod Parker

Rod has fulfilled over 10,000 Branded Merch orders over the last 30 years for a variety of regional and national organizations.

“The truth is I have never worked a day in my life.  I love the pursuit of finding products that Wow my clients and (as corny as it sounds), I truly love my clients.  All of them… Yes, all of them… It sounds weird, but maybe it’s because we don’t pursue a new client unless we think we could be thought of as a valued part of their team.”

This approach has helped Rod receive the following accolades:

Out of the Box Promotions

Heather Mohan

Heather makes sure your orders and projects all run smoothly after the order is placed. Heather uses a 16 step process to proof and track your order numerous times so everything is delivered on time and looks exactly the way you expected it to so you don’t have to stress about your Branded Merch or Brand Integrity (that’s our job).