Branded Merch Agency Approach

Like an Ad Agency we work with a select group of clients that are purposeful in how they want their brand represented. Instead of recommending all advertising mediums we focus our expertise on helping you choose the best Branded Merch that will WOW your specific target market, but unlike an Ad Agency we do not charge a fee.

What We Do:

  • Focus on latest product trends and print methods, designs, etc.
  • Recommend products for your specific target market based on what has worked for others in the past
  • Protect your logo/brand integrity with quality products and print
  • Develop and fulfill programs for:
    • Staff Recognition/Incentives
    • Client Acquisition/Appreciation
    • Community Relations or any other objective you might have
  • Act as a strategic partner from concept to completion

To sustain this level of service, we only work with clients that are serious about their marketing partnerships.

If you are looking for a Branded Merch specialist that is more than just a broker, someone who is truly an extension of your team, then give us a call and let’s see how we can work together. Or, feel free to test us out on your next promotion!

Or Give us a call: Phone: (250) 758-4133