Wow Your Clients

68% of clients that move to a competitor, do so “because of a perceived attitude of indifference toward the client” How to Win Customers and Keep Them for Life by Michael LeBoeff.

Think of the clients or referral sources that have moved on in the last 5 years. What would be the impact if you would have kept 2/3 of them. Typically, the effort and expense to get a new client is 7 times as much compared to keeping a current client, therefore let us help you make a plan to develop a closer relationship with your current client and referral base.

  • Look for opportunities to Wow current clients (especially your top clients)
  • Show you care so much that it is a natural consequence for your clients to refer you to others both inside and outside their organization
  • Get 100% loyalty from current clients. We have found that clients will spend 3 times their current budget with you if they think of you as part of their team.
Custom Logo'd travel mug
Cookie with Company Logo

Our relationship building plans are totally customized and different for everyone, although the following are a few things we have done for others:

  • Thank you gifts at Christmas or Thanksgiving
  • Mail a thank you card with a cookie, mug, or enclosed for clients after their first or a large order. Very few people send a hand written thank you card any more, which makes it much more memorable when they receive it
  • Thank you gifts when you visit client or after delivery. Our grandmothers always said “A thank you will go a long way”. Our job is to present you with the tools to make a thank you more systematic
  • Thank you gifts that will be seen on a wall or desk which also act as a subliminal endorsement to others in your client’s peer group when they see your client using your logoed product
  • Many of our clients have mint tins, pens, post it pads at front desk for anyone to take
  • When your clients ask you for a door prize… Please take it as an honour that they feel close enough to ask you… Having a stash of door prize products makes it easier and therefore allows you to give with a more enthusiastic attitude

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